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Sukuna is a character with abilities and strength second only to Satoru Gojo, so the name King is not flattering to him. Sukuna is the villain and also the strongest of the villains. The king of curses is so powerful that fighting with special ranks is just a game for him. Ryomen Sukuna (両り ょ う面め ん宿す く儺な Ryōmen Sukuna ? ), commonly known as Sukuna(宿す く儺な Sukuna ? ), is an extremely powerful Curse Spirit that serves as one of the cores. The main antagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen. Being called the King of Curses is undisputed. Sukuna - according to legend he is a demon (although in fact a human sorcerer). During the infancy of Spells 1000 years ago the Mages used all their strength to defeat him because of his confrontation. After his death, his body could not be completely destroyed, and since then, Sukuna's remains are 20 fingers, preserved in objects that have the effect of sealing and through the ages. . In the present, Yuji Itadorido ate one of his cursed fingers and became a vessel. Character info: Name: Sukuna Alias: King of Curses Race: Cursed Soul (incarnation), Human (formerly) Age: +1000 Gender: Male Level: Special Level

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Price: $4.00
Type: Tri Dimensional Object Art Ed No. 1  
State: Unique
Subjects: Installation Art, Heroic (+lifesize), Face
Styles: Unique, Street Art, Pop Art, Illustration
Sculptor Register #: A584
Sculpture Certification #: B9002129

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