The Traveller
by Christopher Stone


Bronze edition of five. The Traveller is an abstract rendition of our islands (Ibiza) own hunting hound, used traditionally rabbits and hares.After many years of abuse the Podenco has been recognised for what it is, which is an intelligent loving and funny animal, very similar to a greyhound. Thought originally to have been brought to Ibiza by the Phoenicians from Egypt. In Egypt the Podenco was the guardian of the Pharoes tombs.

Artist Information for Christopher Stone
0034 654 921 441

Sculpture Details:

Price: ยค 32 000,00
Width: 0 CentimetersHeight: 152 Centimeters
Type: Abstract Sculpture Ed No. 5  
State: Limited Edition
Materials: Cor-Ten Steel, Bronze
Subjects: Male, Life-size, Garden, Figurative, Contemporary, Canine (Dogs), Animal, Abstract
Colors: Multi-Color Patina, Green
Styles: Modern, Figurative, Expressionism, Contemporary, Abstract
Options: Pedestals, Patinas
Sculptor Register #: A32
Sculpture Certification #: B9001988

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