by Bojan Grujic


Sculpture is part of sculptural composition "Spontaneus rush of energy and mater". For other works, please inquire.

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Sculpture Details:

Price: ยค 1 500,00
Width: 5 CentimetersHeight: 15 Centimeters
Length: 25 Centimeters
Type: Representational Sculpture
State: Commission
Materials: Wire Mesh, Wax, Resin, Polymer Clay , Plastercast, Plaster, Painted Polyester, Found Materials, Fiber, Copper, Bronze
Subjects: Man, Futurist, Conceptual, Athlete, Abstract
Colors: Rust, Red, Copper
Options: Reductions (size), Pedestals, Patinas, Free Standing, Enlargements (size), Custom Colors, Bases
Sculptor Register #: A422
Sculpture Certification #: B9001321

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