Places on Earth are uniquely defined by their physical, social, and cultural contexts.  My work seeks to capture these unique qualities and bring them to life. My skills as a designer are multi-disciplinary in both art and architecture and I am passionately dedicated to improving the built environment for humanity through art.  My work fosters stronger communities by connecting people socially, spiritually, and intellectually.

My passion for the built environment is complimented by my fascinations with nature.  I am a skilled observer and have a great appreciation for the wholeness of nature and the harmony of its patterns.  If you study my work carefully, you will notice that similar to nature, there is a purity of form and a complimentary relationship of the parts to the whole.

My work is interwoven into the spirit of a place both physically and emotionally.  It is ingrained into the story and highlights the splendor that surrounds it.  It brings awareness to the invisible weave of culture, engages the senses, and harmonizes the coming together of the natural vs the built.