• https://youtu.be/jnF3eS_EwB8

    Clothes from the Past at the Dole Mansion I made a video of my installation “Clothes from the Past” after all the visitors left. I walked in each of the rooms displaying my exhibits. The creaking floors had a vague presence of previous lifes. The exhibits were at the 150 year old Dole Mansion near Chicago. Clothes from the Past Installation was installed at the Dole Mansion in Illinois in March 2017 as part of a solo exhibition series by the Turkish American artist Belgin Yucelen.

  • https://youtu.be/WoMyDFntd4k

    Looking Back is an autobiographical short movie which represents our stories in which we try to create coherent connections among our experiences that are supported by memory. It is created in Boulder and Istanbul and is displayed on the screen installed on a sculpture. The sculpture is a woman figure looking back.

  • https://youtu.be/G-EasIpCs3M

    "Words" - Installation and Audio, Solo Exhibition at the Dole Mansion, IL My exhibition “Words” is an invitation to listen to each other more. This is a movie of the installation and the audio. Imagine what happens to words if they are not heard. The imagery I always had was that words would be floating forever in the sky or inside rooms if they are not heard. The idea behind this exhibition was born from this thought. I asked people who they are, how they define themselves and if t