My work is inspired by the physical manifestation of natural processes. They can be additive processes like growth, mineral deposits, or concretions. They can be subtractive processes like erosion, decay, or atrophy.  The resulting form is sometimes a stand-alone sculpture, sometimes a component of a construction. The form may look sculpted, or it may appear to be the result of an organic process.


At one time I carved stone into simplified representation of animals or humans. I made molds of some of those and would make castings. I was compelled to add things, objects, or pieces of other cast elements until the original sculpture or “master” became a point of departure. I also developed a process by which there was no “master”, I sculpted the space, the void, which the material would inhabit. When working in this way, elements of chance and distortion are inevitable.


Sculpture can be about the artist controlling a material, a process, or an image. Sometimes it’s about the process controlling you. Under certain circumstances, in a certain state of mind, one can feel directed by something outside one’s own thought process.  Whether it is inspiration, or delusion, in my opinion, it is desirable, and I seek out those moments in my work.