Argenta-based sculptor Spring Shine has been using the natural beauty surrounding his home to inspire him for the past 20 years. Since he began sculpting, his subject matter has been based on the forests, mountains, water and animals that surround his home. While a vision of what he’s after is present, it is often the stone itself that dictates the shape, size and form of the finished work.
He likes to utilize the stone’s rough outline and allow himself to work intuitively, which often takes him in unexpected directions. “By following lines and contours, the end product can often be quite different from what I was originally envisioning. It’s part of the beauty of working with soapstone, you never know where it will lead you.”
“There is something very special about stone to me; it appears so solid, permanent and unyielding. When I transfer an idea, a vision into a rock, I feel thrilled as I see it manifest. It makes me believe that anything is possible.”