As an artist my greatest ambition is to help others appreciate the beauty and potential of any given space, and my commitment to the process of creating visual arts pursues the perfect balance of exploring my creativity while also incorporating a range of what I think are universally fascinating subjects. I believe that every person should be able to live or work in an environment that provides an appealing aesthetic; the addition of unique and original artwork has the ability to brighten and intensify any desired ambiance.

One of the benefits of being an abstract artist is that no general rules apply. The notion of abstraction gives the artist the ability and freedom to use opposing elements such as colors, form, and a variety of mediums which creates a great contrast within the body of work. Abstract paintings are difficult to understand, very complex and abstruse. It has an intellectual and affective artistic context that depends solely on intrinsic form rather than on narrative content or pictorial representation and as such represents a form that itself is in clear contrast to traditional, representational art; one of the reasons why abstract art is such a subjective form. In my work you will continuously see the effect of juxtaposition of different tones, depth, overall texture and composition. Yet I leave the beholder with the ability to compare certain bodies of work to other paintings that may be figurative or in mixed media format in the same collection. There will always be some elements that standout in contrast to others, but overall contributing to one cohesive body of work. Some of the artists that have been inspiring to my work are Jasper Johns, Matisse, Picasso, Rothko, Pollack, Richter, Klee, Chagall, Pissaro, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Monet, Rauschenberg, Mark Ryden, Frida Kahlo, and Beatrice Milhazes.

To guarantee unique quality I rely on my intuition to guide my work so there is always an element of free spirited spontaneity in each piece. From the array of different colors from bold and bright to chromatic and muted to the variety of materials used, these factors give insight into the mood I am trying to create for each piece in addition to serving as an outlet for displaying my eclectic taste. I especially like working in mixed media because I find it challenging to work with several different mediums while still making each piece a cohesive piece of artwork. Having the opportunity to make mixed media pieces are a large part of why I love the process of creating art because they give me a feeling of being able to indulge in elaborate visual fantasies while bringing them to reality. Without art, I have no voice to communicate to my audience with. This provides the meaning of life and art for me while having the ability to inspire others as well thorough my creations.

Currently I am working on my ongoing self-styled Thirteen Commandments; Inspired by the actual Ten Commandments, this artistic endeavor focuses on my perception of life, faith, and humanity. A question I found interesting was whether the Ten Commandments remain the most relevant set of core principles for a 21st century society? My artistic answer is envisioned through a pop art, collage, conceptual, mixed media adaptation based on what I believe would be a more practical updated list of commandments for the world of today. Thou Shall Not Kill has remained unchanged, but the modifications that have been made are intended to encourage people to consider what they might do to leave a positive mark on society. My commandments have at their heart the belief that no living being is more or less deserving of life than another; all should be treated equally and with respect. Hence my first commandment: Thou Shall Honor the Golden Rule – a pay it forward statement. And of course, the Golden Rule relates to the notion that we all know so well – do unto others as you would have them do unto to you.

All the pieces in this collection are comprised of historical and current images and events combined to reveal the eternal truths we must embrace for the sake of ours and future generations. I believe that this project offers the chance to publicly and accessibly celebrate the human spirit with images that provoke smiles, thought and are enduring reminders of the many joys life has to offer while invigorating one’s mind and senses. In addition, I am still pursuing public art projects, working with designers on corporate and industrial projects. As well as, taking on private and public commissions, and endlessly working on new works for existing and new collections. Let creation rain! Look forward to continue sharing my artistic vision with the world.

Art does not reproduce what we see. It makes us see. ~ Paul Klee

Carpe Diem.

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