Ray Besserdin  www.papersculptureartist.com, developed his love of paper in childhood, for drawing, painting and making all manner of objects.  Also loving nature and all that makes the universe tick, drove Ray to graduate from La Trobe University in Biological Sciences, before returning to his passion for art.  At first, he applied his natural skills in design and illustration as a freelancer to advertising agencies and publishers. By 1989 Ray’s childhood love of paper returned to become an all-consuming passion, setting the way for his future. With a vision of creative possibilities helped by his science background, he developed original techniques based on a deep understanding of paper that would provide long term archival integrity for generations to enjoy, and investment in.

Ray's work ranges from miniature to gigantic, from abstract to ultra-realistic representation, and even wearable gowns. His most beloved pieces exhibit what some have described as, “a flowing motion that stimulates emotion”, and in his Gallery, not uncommonly brings a tear to the eye. Ray has 17 international awards, including two gold from New York. Corporate clients have included Macquarie Bank, Amcor and the Northern Territory Government of Australia, (for whom he created what included two 6.3 x 3.9 m paper sculptures, which on length by height are arguably the world’s largest), to mention just a few.  Private commissions hang in London, New York, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand and Australia.


  • Freelance Graphic Designer / Illustrator to Advertising Agencies and Publishers, 1983 -1993
  • Graphic Designer / Illustrator to PMP (a Murdoch Media Company) principally for their Corporate Annual Reports, 1993-1995 inclusive.
  • Paper sculpture dedicated artist, 1989 to present
  • Artist in Residence, May 2017, Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts Gallery, Townsville, Queensland
  • Ray Besserdin Paper Sculpture Artist Gallery owner, Black Rock, Victoria, 2016 to present



Bachelor of Science Degree, La Trobe University, graduated 1982. Melbourne, Australia


  • 12 Bronze Awards, Dimensional Awards Show, New York
  • 2 Silver Awards, Dimensional Awards Show, New York
  • 1 Gold Award, Dimensional Awards Show, New York
  • 1 Gold Medal, International Print Advertising Awards, (for Paper Sculpture Artwork), New York
  • 1 Bronze Bell Award, Institute of Advertising and Creative Design, Dublin



  • Northern Territory, Government of Australia: “Corporate Logo for Parks and Wildlife” (Bronze Award, NY);

“Life Cycle of the Red Kangaroo” 4-piece permanent public exhibit. (Bronze Award, NY); “Life Cycle of the Bush Tomato” 4-piece permanent public exhibit, (Bronze Award, NY).  Federation Commemorative 3-Piece Public Sculptures: “Dancing Brolgas pair”, “Saltwater Crocodile with captured Barramundi” and “Frilled Lizard” Wildlife Symbols.  (These are to date the world’s largest paper sculptures based on length by height).

  • Amcor Packaging. “2000 and Beyond”, Corporate Mission Statement Artwork. (Bronze Award winning, NY)
  • Ford Performance Vehicles, FPV, division of Ford Motor Company Australia. (Silver Award winning, NY)
  • Macquarie Bank Australia. (Gold Award winning, NY)
  • Queensland Investment Corporation (Australia)