Curriculum Vitae 

Panteleimon Souranis                                                                                                                        

Born 22 December 1974, Tinos Island Cyclades, Greece, living in Athens,Greece.

At this moment, works in the restoration of the Sacred Temple of Asclepios at the south slope of Acropolis in Athens as head of the crew.

1995/ School of Fine Arts of Panormos, Tinos

1993/ School of Fine Arts of Panormos,Tinos – in marble sculpting
2012/ Egyptian Cultural Centre – Embassy of Egypt – Athens


1.  2000/ participation in the presentation of the traditional Tinos Marble Workshop by Stratis & Theologos Filippotis at the Cultural Centre of Athens in association with Tinos and Athens Municipalities.

2.  2005/ Exhibition (Structural Materials)-‘EXPO’ Athens. Participation –Presentation as Art Director of marble constructions (fire places-inner decoration).

3.  2007/ ‘EXPO’ Athens. Live Demonstration of Marble Sculpting. (Advertising Marble Tools).

4. 2009/ Art Exhibition, Zappeio Megaro , Athens. Participating with the Workshop of Achilleas Rallis.

5. 2010/ Personal Exhibition “Hellash in IV”, Leandros Hotel, Tinos, Cyclades.

6. 2011/ Art Bazaar, Art Gallery D.Pantazidis with the ‘ΕΥ ΖΕΙΝ’ (means: well-being) team, Athens

7. 2012/ Egyptian Cultural Centre-Embassy of Egypt-Athens, exhibition with the ‘ΕΥ ΖΕΙΝ’ team “To Alexandria, sailing the blue of Aegean Sea’’.

8. 2012/ “Ianos”- – presentation of the concept ‘Hellash in IV’ at the concert dedicated to the poetry of ‘Dionysios Solomos’, invited by the Composer Stefanos Logothetis, Athens

9.2012/ Astir Palace Hotel, Athens, Christmas Bazaar, personal presentation of marble decoration creations with ‘Q.F.S.’ - - .

10.2013/ Gallery Argo – – exhibition of my 2nd concept ‘ΤΕΧΝΗ ΧΡΩ’ (means: practicing the Art), Cyclades M.M.