Graduate of the Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Bruxelles, SAVA tames one’s emotions and questions one’s conscience,
by the refined force of his sculptures in black and white marble, little granite, bronze and wood.
The UNIQUE characteristics of the Belgian black marble are: it is one of the most expensive marbles in the world, the purest jet
black marble, a very consistent marble, that achieves a very high polish, from a satin-smooth honed finish to an incomparable
shiny black mirror polished finish. Its UNIQUE gloss has still proven beyond imitation.
The ART of SAVA is UNIQUE because he immortalizes in 3D the invisible VIBRATIONS, present in the UNIVERSE in all
their aspects: acoustic, electric, magnetic, etc. SAVA’s unique and personal imprint on all his sculptures is the representation
of VIBRATIONS in 3D and the PURITY OF SHAPES. He metamorphoses the complex intangible ideas into threedimensional
objects that represent their essence.
For some time, the art critics bring to light SAVA’s presence in the art world:
In 1998, in Paris, Lionel Scanteye wrote: "Marian SAVA’s art is an art of intellectual concentration, conceptual, concise,
almost mathematical and sober. His goal is to capture and render in an instant, the representation of an idea, a movement, a
desire, a state of mind and to show the intangible. For SAVA, the process of form purification and construction of the future
sculpture is completely mental and takes place in his head to the smallest detail. This process to invent and realize a
sculpture is rarely used, because it requires a great concentration effort and an uncommon force of mental contention. Marian
SAVA shows promising work for a prestigious future..."
In 2008 in Bruxelles, Colette Bertot wrote: "Marian SAVA makes the stone sing..."
In 2014, in Bruxelles, Julie River wrote: “In SAVA’s stone, emerges the perfect balance between strength and fragility,
between inertia and movement, the VIBRATION of the matter... When the work appears, solid, fixed in space-time, then the
astute viewer has the privilege to discover the fundamental line. This line is born, as a spout at the precise moment when the
artist was able to take control over the matter. Following this line, in what it has as the most essential, the purest of emotions
arise. This is what makes SAVA an artist”.
In 2014, in Toulouse, Agnes Matonti wrote: "Between strength and lightness, Mr. SAVA’s marble moves... The promising
work of the artist stands out by the purity of the curves, almost moving and the fluidity of his sculptures...The refinement and
the softness of the rounded contours captivate the eye and invite one to touch the piece, which becomes flesh, warm,
The sculptures have been shown in more than 100 exhibitions and prestigious public places such as:
- the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Jette Museum in Bruxelles, Belgium,
- the Louvre Museum in Paris and the Municipal Palace in Lyon, France,
- the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria.
- in Copenhagen, the NORDIC ART Show,
- in London in the Tower 42, Artful Society,
- in Paris, the International Salon at the Galerie de l’Eglise de la Madeleine by Salons Libres.
Monumental sculptures in symposia and private collections: in Belgium, France, Greece, Lebanon, Turkey.
Over the years, SAVA received several awards and prizes. Among them are:
- France: First prize at the Salon de Cannes, Grand Prize at the Salon of Orgon,
- Luxembourg: Finalist Competition Rooted,
- UK : Diploma of Excellence from the Biennial of Contemporary Art Competition, Artoteque, London.
SAVA is listed in more than 30 art encyclopedias published in: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, U.K, USA.
Art critics and journalists reported in superlative comments the artistic presence in more than 60 articles.