Art is my dearest companion and the greatest gift God has given me. The intuitive process of working with Spirit, guides my hands, giving form to its vision. I create works of art from stone that invites viewers to contemplate beauty in new ways. I see shapes, expressions, movement, and intrinsic life in the veins of a jagged rock. Chiseling and sanding breathes vitality into a dormant stone. The essence that emerges inspires my continued respect for the medium. The negative space in a sculpture is as significant as its solid form, and I enjoy the exploration of working with both. Carving is a partnership and the rock will always have a say in the form it takes. This process brings forth the balance between my vision and the rock's personal voice. Classically trained in Pietrasanta, Italy, and at the Indonesian Art Institute in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, I have acquired a unique sensibility and fusion of European and Asian influences, as well as the essence of my present home, Hawaii.

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