Hunter Brown was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. Hunter's mother was always painting and his father was always working with his hands building and creating. Growing up Hunter didn't do much more than the occassional doodle. Little did he know that art would become his passion.

Hunter attended the University of Central Arkansas where he acquired a Bachelor in Art. While attending UCA he discovered sculpture. It wouldn't take long before his focus on graphic design would transition to 3-dimensional art and sculpture design. 

After graduating Hunter gradually built a design and sculpture studio, where he would continue to explore with sculptural froms. Today Hunter is the owner and opporator of Innovative Sculpture Design Studio where he creates fine art full time, traveling throughout the country to fine art shows and festivals.

Hunter continues to push out of his confort zone as he continues his artistic journey. His unique style and drive to creatie innovative designs reflect his aspirations to leave a footprint in the art world.