Sculpture, for me, is an emotion, idea, or thought materialized in a form that can be enjoyed and viewed from many angles. When I work, I become captivated by my own thoughts that consume the entire physical and visual process. My work is a gift given to me by the ultimate artist. I work to honor my gift with creativity and the desire to always be moving forward.

Art was always interesting to me, but it wasn’t until after I was married that I could fully explore and grasp the artist within. With ongoing encouragement, I picked up the welding rod and began to weld. I created my first crude & functional sculpture from pipe left around my house. But quickly, I found freedom in a pool of molten steel.

I create what I feel, sometimes with a sketch and a plan. Other times, I try to make a connection with my imagination and the steel. With the heat and steel as my guide, this connection is never forced and my creativity is never lost.

Every sculpture that I create moves me in a different way. Movement is my key principal. If my sculptures can capture motion in a motionless state, then and only then, it is considered complete. Movement is the energy that drives my desire to create art.

Over the years I have learned that it’s not the outcome as much as it is the journey. If the journey moves me then I know I’m having fun. If the journey is motionless then I know I’m not. So, why do it? I do it because with every new vision a new journey begins. The journey is my art, my ride, and my lifetime of fun. Have fun!