I am an abstract sculptor working with the interplay of space, place and form. My work relies on formal clarity and uses variations of complimentary elements such as planes and curves.

I work in stone, steel, wood, aluminum and plastics, and I use computer-aided design where appropriate. I believe that the challenge and joys of creation are equally related to visualization and execution.  For me, working in sculpture is a compulsion rather than a possibility. Art should not necessarily solve or interpret problems for the public, but should provide an opportunity for us to regain the creativity we all had as children.

My approach requires the ability to execute the entire process of sculpture. I believe a sculptor should recognize our figurative history and the importance of the human form.  I begin a sculpture with the traditional process of making sketches and working out the form with maquettes. The ultimate scale is based on the idea that sculpture is more than an object in space, becoming a place in itself.