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Date and place of birth – 20.09.1970, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
1986-1990        Department of Sculpture, Art College after P. Terlemezyan, Yerevan, Armenia
1990-1996        Department of Sculpture, Yerevan State Institute of  Fine Arts, Armenia (Yerevan  State  Academy of  Fine Arts).

Since 1996      Member of the Artists Union of Armenia, Yerevan
Since 1998      Lecturer of Sculpture, Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts
Since 2005      Member of A.I.E.S.M.  International Association of  Monumental Sculptures

Since 1992      Group exhibitions in Armenia and abroad.

2001             First Minor Bronze Sculpture Symposium dedicated to the 1700th   anniversary of adoption of the Christianity as
                       a state religion in Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia
2001             Stone Sculpture Symposium “Miracles and fairy tales”, First Prize, Yerevan, Armenia
2002             Stone Sculpture Second Symposium “Miracles and fairy tales”, Yerevan, Armenia
2004              International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Brookline, NH, USA
2005              International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Dubai, AUE
2005              International Sculpture Symposium, Austria
2006              International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Nikaia, Greece
2007              International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Utebo, Spain
2007              International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Zouk-Mikael, Lebanon 
2008              International Stone Sculpture Symposium, , Lebanon     
2009              International Stone Sculpture Symposium, , Lebanon  
2009              International Stone Sculpture Symposium     China, Changchun
2009              International Stone Sculpture Symposium, O Grove, Spain (2 prize)
2011              International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Romania
2012              International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Dhour Shweir, Lebanon

The monumental-decorative works are situated in Armenia and abroad. The small-sized works (including graphics)
are involved in private collections.