Born in the Northeastern United States in 1970, Douglas Abbondanzio is the son and grandson of professional masons.  His strong work ethic and values came to him at a young age. At the age of 9, his grandfather and father introduced him to the tools of the trade.  A hammer and chisel were included in his daily tasks which involved getting the tools ready and cleaning them daily.  Eventually discovering the importance of these fine tools. From that point on-wards for Douglas it's been a life filled with an artistic outlook. Holding a trowel and applying mortar to stone at the age of 12 was not uncommon for an Italian apprentice who was raised with great family tradition.  After many years of contributing to the family heritage and of course his normal school study, Douglas soon discovered his passion in life... Creating timeless beauty with stone. 

Douglas started his professional  career as a 3rd generation mason in the New England area. Creating interior and exterior stone projects was a way of life for him. Working with just about every stone supplied by local quarries, Douglas always found the need to expand his horizons and sought to explore the characteristics of divergent stones. In the Late 90's stone was imported to him from other quarries around the world. Becoming very familiar and working with un-traditional stones, Many tradesman started seeking knowledge from Douglas.  He loved working with other stone masons and sculptors offering them as much knowledge as he possibly could. As time moved on, Douglas found a new way to express his love for the art of stone by bringing stones to life with sculptures. He states; "Stones have the potential to be so much more than stones" and he truly believes that . Since then, he's never looked back. Douglas has traveled though out the world exploring and capturing the grace and beauty of the world through stone.

Inspired by the love of the earth, wild life, ancient ruins and human form, Douglas incorporates his work with these targeted categories in both abstract and representational to create  extraordinary sculptures.