Sculpture interwoven into the public realm can serve as a social catalyst and a way to reveal complex ideas and issues in a engaging way. As a sculptor and installation artist, Morison’s work has been heavily influenced by her interest in biological forms and light. Coupled with an interest in nature is a fascination for technical and scientific advances. As a result, a unique style has evolved that reflects her understanding of the natural world by using industrial materials, computer numeric control cutting methods (CNC), and organically inspired designs to create LED and solar powered light sculptures. By combining green consciousness with forward thinking and sustainable designs, each piece of artwork fabricated is a light sculpture that pays tribute to nature?s beautiful efficiency.

Deedee Morrison has been working as a professional studio and public artist for over 14 years and during that period, she has had the privilege of working with libraries, schools parks, cities and municipalities  all over the country to create unique sculptures that embody the cultural expression, the character and purpose of the project. Her experience includes a broad spectrum of commissioned work and public art planning and development. She believes that sculpture should incorporate the nuances of the land, the specific environment and/or any unique cultural features that will contextualize the onsite art.

Morrison’s past experiences have facilitated an integrated approach to art planning which emphasizes active collaborations and partnerships with design teams, landscape architects, architects, engineers and the community as a whole. She understands the big picture, and knows the importance of client and public involvement and the critical effect it has on the planning process and the project deliverable and outcome.

“When I begin creating a concept for public artwork, it is an evolutionary process.  The request for proposal generally states the mission of the project and what is hoped to be achieved with the public art piece. The journey begins as an artist, the moment I attempt to translate the project concept into a vision that can be realized into sculptural form.  When the form is received and understood - then the process is successful and extremely rewarding for everyone involved along the way - and for years to come when one engages with the work of art.”