Deb enjoys many art forms, sculpture being her favorite.  Inspiration is a hawk soaring overhead, a horse galloping in a field or ducks in a pond.  She loves the quiet moments of nature.   Creating wildlife art gives Deb the opportunity to look closer and see the world through different eyes. It allows her a window into the secret world of animals and nature.  The extensive research that goes into each piece is one of Deb’s passions.  Deb is captivated by the challenge of creating a three dimensional piece of art from a mere concept.  She likes utilizing negative space in her compositions and likes bringing warmth and character into her sculptures.  She hopes her art brings wonder and curiosity to the viewer.  She also hopes it will encourage protection of the environment so there will always be wild places for wildlife.

Deb, a Colorado native, feels lucky to live in such a beautiful and diverse state.  Living in Colorado affords her the opportunity to enjoy hiking, camping, lake kayaking and snowshoeing right out her back door.  She also finds great enjoyment in nature travel and scuba diving.  Being outdoors and experiencing wildlife and wild places feed her soul.  Her love and knowledge of raptors has grown from more than 20 years of hands-on volunteer work at non-profit educational raptor facilities.  Deb is a member of several wildlife advocacy groups and donates a portion of her proceeds to ensure wild places stay wild for future generations.

Mentored by several influential and successful artists, Deb has also studied at the Loveland Academy of Fine Arts, Art Students’ League of Denver, Denver Botanic Gardens, and American Academy of Equine Art.  Deb has exhibited at local and out of state art shows, winning several ribbons and plaques.   Ms. Jenkins’ creations are also in many private collections in the United States and in Canada.