2015 artist statement: Dan Rider

The short version is that I have had very productive periods creating several sculpture series in my twenty five year 3-d career …and now I have returned “back to the garden” with a series of outdoor sculpture called drods. The long version involves several stops along the road. Initially pen and ink was a safe escape and a way to cope with a crazy unhappy adolescence. As time went by I started to explore the world of sculpture and became influenced by the works of Isamu Noguchi, Louise Nevelson, and later on Stephen De Staebler. After a series of bronze sculptures, I regrouped to design a series of permanent contemporary multi-media “spirit marker” totems. Utilizing over lapping copper mesh in fabricated shapes which then topped “cast on site” concrete base structures, my Spirit Marker series could be seen at Desert Art Collection in Palm Desert, installations at Shidoni in New Mexico, New Leaf Sculpture in Berkeley and in several private collections. My signature recurring themes always involve a layering of multi-media dimensional elements and might include cast glass, aluminum & copper, and reinforced concrete. Often throughout my periods of focusing on interior wall sculpture I would find myself longing for the opportunity to design simple bold compositions of multiple free standing outdoor contemporary totems.

My creativity gained momentum as the design for my new series of drods totems came into focus. Drods are composed of stackable precast concrete and glass in simple geometric shaped elements.

I have a successful history collaborating with collectors, designers and art consultants on a variety of commissions. My sculpture is readily adaptable to both commercial and residential use, indoor and outdoor spaces, and can be found in galleries, private collections, corporate offices, hospitals and in the television and movie industries.