Born in San Jose, Costa Rica, grows in a farm where she developed a great sensitivity for animals, especially horses, where is something beautiful and mysterious in his nature. As a child has facility with drawing, especially with horses and bulls.

At an early age studying at the School of Art Esempi with Master Francisco Alvarado, Advertising Design at the University Veritas, receive art lessons for a while with the known pastelist Jim Theologos to refine his talent, among others.
Her technique or style of painting has been referred to as a mystical realism or surrealism lyrical, strong horses with diffuse backgrounds, women intertwined with horses, animals well defined or diffuse fighting bulls. That is a job with different concepts and themes, which is not to say that she is seeking her style or technique, just likes to experiment with different media.
Mainly use acrylic and chalk pastel technique, without ignoring the crayon, pencil, pen, or combination of all. I am currently working acrylic on stone slab, with a very good results and acceptance. Development of structures (horses) galvanized wire, wood sculpture, resin, experimenting with stone.
His work is found in different places like Russia, United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Switzerland, Australia and Costa Rica.

When I see a horse, feelings of peace, pleasure, suspicion, mystery, crowded into my mind and body, what these animals has that dominate my senses?
My skill is to reveal these sublime animals from my perspective. Being with them, work with them, enjoy with them, have inspired practically all my life, since childhood I had a fascination for them, the noble animal ... which made me to sharpen my senses beyond the physical; I feel your breath, look in your eyes, fear or suffering, are incredible beings, are a set of passions that beat in my heart.
I expose my world, the story of my life in small pieces of art that they recreate a legend that mark my life, my atmosphere and of course my creations, I do not expect people understand this fascination, just want to express my passion, waiting to leave shaped on senses and soul.
  If  I can achieve the purpose with my work, I have achieved my ambition: to conceive and reflect my feelings more intense on a canvas, in a figure, on paper, in what the environment provided me to transmit that love, affection or madness; as you like to call this creature who is my inspiration: The Horse.

• Symposiums/workshops / projects / awards:
The 6 International Festival of Contemporary Art, Penza-Russia. 18 August-11 September 2013.
Sculpture project "Air Horses" - Juan Santamaria Cultural Historical Museum, June-July 2013, Alajuela, Costa Rica.
Wood Sculpture Symposium, National Arts Festival 2013, "Between the village and the valley", April 5 to 14, 2013 Santa Ana, San Jose, Costa Rica.
I Symposium Art & Culture, Upala-Costa Rica. 8/11 nov. 2012
Project “Bra-Art”, October 2012, San José-Costa Rica
5th International Sculpture Symposium, Autumn Inspiration, Penza 2012 in Russia, on the theme of “Harmony”. 20 julio-16 setiembre 2012.
Project-Proverb’s Garden “Jardín de los Refranes” - Rolling Sculptures-March 15 to 25 “Festival Internacional de las Artes” (FIA-2012).
Creative Workshop "The Art of Peace" with the artist Pearl Bajder 12 and December 13, 2011.
Printmaking Workshop and Design Stamps. UCR. From 10 to November 17, 2011.
Workshop "Manitas a la obra", Global Kids Foundation. July 29, 2011.
Month of January 2010, Oak Group Calendar.
Project "Lajas por Lajas", organized by ACAV, C: R Country Club. November 4, 2010.
Contest "Rapid Painting" with the German artist, Franz Späth. 11 September 2010.
First Place: Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association National Championship Show in Fort Worth, Texas.USA-2005.
Chalk Pastel Workshop with artist Jim Theologos-1990