Biography-Artist's Statement

    To keep focused and awake to Inspiration , to be loose yet controlled.

Creativity is a spontaneous happening and often is the evolution of form, color, and shape at work, one movement leading to another .  Thoughts lead to a plan, this ia a direction, yet while working, much unplanned creativity is born making the Image alive.  The challenge is to see and act on it as it unfolds within and give birth to the without.  Often, but not always, I'll begin with a model.  This was very important in the work entitled, "Tocahito, Rising Flower, a two foot high chiseled Plaster.  I do not allow the model to tie me down or stop the creative flow in any way.  It is usually the initial spark of Inspiration.  Often , the Images have Images within.  An example is "Endearment".  "Endearment", the main work of a series, is a Female Sculpture with flowing hair.  As you study her hair from the back, the viewer discovers headless male and female figures from within.

Bill is a current Associate member of The National Sculpture Society in New York and originator of the Illusive force sculpture series.  He has received awards for his work throughout California and LA.  His work entitled, "The Potter" was awarded First Place in an Alexandria, LA. sculpture competition of $1,000.00 and Honorable Mention in the National meet out of San Jose, CA.  His work is permanently exhibited  in Taiwan-Republic of China and Bill was awarded membership into the Association Aixoise Des Amis Des Arts, France.  


Exhibition Listings


CobbleStone Gallery - Lafayette, LA.

St. Paul de Vence - France

Zigler Museum - Jennings, LA.

Taichung Cultural Center - Taiwan, Republic of China

Marywood College - Scranton, PA.

McIlhenny Co. Collection - Avery Island, LA.   

Aix en Provence - France   

Toulouse Galleries - New Orleans, LA.   

Chim-Gregg Gallery - La Puente, CA.

Le Cafe'des Artistes - Lafayette, LA.

Cultural de Cluny - Palis, France

Santa Fe Pottery Gallery - Lafayette, LA.

Harris Gallery - Houston, Texas

Opelousas Museum & Interpretive Center - Opelousas, LA.

Gallery 912 - Lafayette LA.

John Paul II Training Center "Mercy Hug Sculpture" - Gainesville, GA.   

Exhibit of Form and Light - Abbeville, LA.

National Sculpture Society Member - New York, NY.

Awarded membership into the Association Aixoise Des Amis Des Arts - France