This series was born from a sense of peace, rhythm and wisdom I have acquired from forty years of artistic exploration.  The flow of form and color, which I weave into distinct, bold lines, speaks to my playful, optimistic navigation of life within a more confined structure.

By liberating flat planes and frames of wood from their predictive symmetry, I am breaking free from the forms and subject matter that informed my earlier sculpture.  While strong lines are prominent in all my pieces, they are merely the bones of the work.  It is the bold lines of intersecting color, form and bent wood that are the pulsing blood.

The viewer will no doubt associate the various shapes and lines in these works with the everyday objects, grids and linear compositions that make up our environment, both natural and manmade.  But, it is the highly energetic “strokes” of bent wood lines that speak to the organic energy latent in all forms, regardless of time and space.