Drama, suspense and excitement in Sculpture are very important to me. I strive to capture in "mid-air" children interacting with animals, or people connecting with each other, or the unique characteristics of wildlife and habitat. How inextricably connected we all are with God and His Creations in nature and with each other. Observing these relationships and reactions has greatly influenced my work in sculpture.

In my sculpture I am trying to express this special connection that we have with each other and with the natural world around us. The harmonious perfection of God's creation as seen through nature inspires my ideas. I look for a situation where there is an action and reaction. It is that interaction between people and animals, or people and people, or wildlife and their habitat, that I try to capture... that life, movement, and suspended animation that lifts inert sculpture into a new dimension that is then carried forward by the viewer's imagination. The majority of my work is done on commission as bronze portraits of people and animals. I enjoy working with clients and watch for the way they connect and interact with others. I also enjoy sculpting all kinds of animals doing things with people, young and old. My intent is to capture the drama and action of a special moment to perfection. I am always in pursuit of excellence, combining my artistic vision with an infinite love for people and animals, and transforming that into bronze sculpture.

My first attraction to Sculpture themes is to capture Children and their Loving personalities. Following close to this is my interest in one of God's most affectionate animals...the dog. If I can continue to capture these precious creations in Bronze Sculpture then I will feel my life's calling will be complete.  

Equine subjects have also had a special attraction for me. The horse, from war-horse to work-horse was a precious gift from God to man and helped shape the course of world history. As an artist I admire the strength, grace, and beauty of the horse, but what intrigues me most is their marvelous personality. How the horse responds and interacts with humans is the focus of my sculpture. Does he show affection, trust, curiosity, fear, or flight? What I capture in my equine sculpture is this very special connection between horse and man.

Often what I notice and use in my art work is not an earth shattering event, but a simple emotion or a fleeting moment in time that I want to capture for a lifetime. My sculpture tends to dwell on the positive events in our lives... events that bring love, joy and peace ...sculpture that makes you smile in fond remembrance of a familiar time.