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Rob Mulholland's Mirror Sculptures

Scottish sculptor Rob Mulholland has created these beautiful mirrored sculptures for a series he calls "Vestige."

Most of the sculptures are installed in an area of Scotland which was once open hillside, owned by sheep farmers (or "crofters"). After the war, he explains, "the crofters were moved to other land by the government as there was a desperate need for timber.... [T]he area was planted with fast growing conifer trees suitable for harvesting softwood and the landscape altered once again. You can still see the some faint outlines of the crofts and past settlements within the forest."

The sculptures, Mulholland writes, are emblematic of the indirect ways we leave our mark on the world. Like the crofters, they're "at one moment part of our world and then as they fade into the forest they become an intangible outline."

Spatial Thoughts about Sculpture by Bill West

Wildly, yet realistically created! Rob Mulholland has a rare understanding of space, design and optical effects that are purely worldclass... I am enthralled by his creations!

Bill West's Spatial Thoughts