Francene Levinson Gene McHugh: Juror

Francene Levinson has three paper sculptures published by Lark

"500 Paper Objects"- Lark Series - Sterling Publishers

Gene McHugh, of the Whitney Museum, NY has,as Juror, selected three of Francene Levinson's modular paper sculptures for inclusion in the book,"500 Paper Objects." The Lark 500 Series is published by Sterling Publishers of NY. and is available for purchase.

The three paper sculptures include:Caracol, Reveal, and Urchin.Each of these pieces has earned prior honors and is available for viewing and purchase on artist web site  www.francenelevinson.com

You may reach the artist via contact page email.

Spatial Thoughts about Sculpture by Bill West

What can one say about Francene Levinson's paper sculpture creations, other than she is at master of her art. So talented in her sculptural endeavors with paper!

Bill West's Spatial Thoughts